Friday, May 14, 2010

I love solutions like this.

WireCo World Group makes a non-rotating wire rope (center, below) for acrobatic and stage use that is 57% stronger than the old 19x7, nearly impervious to torque damage, won't spin the load, AND has a beautiful black finish. Easily the safest, best product for the application. And it wears better. It's a 4x31 construction. Because it has no core it cannot birdcage. Ideal. XLT4 Stage.

(7x19 rotates far too much for these applications and is as vulnerable to torque damage as 19x7.)

Top to bottom:
XLT4 Bright 8500lbs

7x19 7000lbs

XLT4 Black 8500lbs

19x7 powder coated 5400lbs

7x19 powder coated 7000lbs

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